"The Challenge of Change: IP Firms in the 21st Century" – AIPF Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts

23 September 2016

Dr. Klopmeier, who serves on the Board of AIPF (The Association of Intellectual Property Firms), was invited together with Robert Frank, Partner at Choate Hall & Stewart, USA, to give a speech on "Multi-Party Infringement of Method Claims" at the AIPF Annual Conference in Boston, Massachusetts in September 2016.

AIPF is an international association of law firms and patent attorney firms which are focussed on the areas of patent, trademark and copyright law.

This year’s agenda included IP-related business challenges facing companies and industries and the latest on patent office procedure both in the US and abroad. Because of the attendance of attorneys from around the world, the Annual Meeting in Boston featured different international perspectives and encouraged extensive interaction between attendees.